Release: Friedrich Liechtenstein "Ich bin dein Radio"
Release: Friedrich Liechtenstein "Ich bin dein Radio"

One of Germany’s most famous performance artists – Friedrich Liechtenstein – releases his first album with Okeh records. A helium-light song cocktail of catchy melodies and subtle humour.
Friedrich Liechtenstein is one of the most popular performance artists in the German-speaking world. His Youtube videos have cult status and are regularly seen on German TV channels such as Tele 5 or Arte. His television series "Tankstellen des Glücks" (ZDF / ARTE) is currently nominated for the Grimme Award (German Emmy Award) and available on Netflix. Music is at the centre of all of Liechtenstein’s projects, and now he is releasing his first album "Ich bin dein Radio” (“I am your radio") with Okeh Records/Sony Music. The Friedrich Liechtenstein Trio features some of Germany’s best Jazz and Crossover musicians with Arnold Kasar on piano and electronics and Sebastian Borkowski on saxophone. Their unique musical style combines pop melodies with relaxed arrangements for piano, saxophone and subtle electronic sounds, and Liechtenstein's lyrics form a contrast full of fine humour.

The album is available now!


1. Sparkling Love
2. Shave the Monkeys (feat. Boris Meinhold)
3. Terrestrische Wellen
4. New York Times
5. Bademeister
6. Das Zimmer
7. The Body Talker
8. Strawberry Red (feat. Miriam Benneweiss)
9. Nicht Singen beim Schwimmen (feat. Marlene Schuen & Marco Möller)
10. 1000 Liter
11. Nicht Singen beim Schwimmen (feat. Marlene Schuen & Marco Möller) [Radio Edit]
12. Schönes Boot aus Klang

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