Release: Lyamiko's "Love Letters"
Release: Lyamiko's "Love Letters"

Love Letters – feeling transformed into sound

A box of love letters, rediscovered by accident, has inspired one of Germany’s most successful Jazz singers Lyambiko to write some new songs and to take a fresh look at jazz classics such as Close Your Eyes and Stardust.

Lyambiko rediscovered the love letters by accident in the attic of her husband’s parental home. Separated from 1933 to 1944 by distant jobs, and ultimately by the Second World War, it was often only by letter that his grandparents could maintain contact, reassure each other of their love and exchange information about their everyday lives.

The result is a mixture of original songs and such classics as Close Your Eyes, Stardust and Someday My Prince Will Come, songs which tell entirely new stories when heard in the context of the letters. With great empathy she weaves the old and the new songs into a coherent whole that describes this most old-fashioned yet up-to-date of emotions on two different temporal levels, but without excessive nostalgia.

Love Letters is a reminder of simple and timeless means of communication in an age of constant connection through Twitter and Facebook, a feeling transformed into sound, and a highly personal journey through time – with a return ticket.


The album will be released internationally on September 1, 2017.


1 Star Eyes

2 Things Are Looking Up Again

3 Some Day My Prince Will Come

4 Home

5 Love in Letters

6 There Is No Greater Love

7 Till There Was You

8 Summer Morning

9 Close Your Eyes

10 Answer Me

11 Under a Blanket of Blue

12 When You're Not There

13 Stardust

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