Stacey Kent’s new album ”Tenderly“ out now!
Stacey Kent’s new album ”Tenderly“ out now!

Stacey Kent and Roberto Menescal – two stunning artists whose paths finally crossed, after a secret and mutual admiration for many years.  
The existence of this album is close to miraculous!  Now available on AmazoniTunes and Spotify.

Menescal quickly became such a fan of Kent’s work  that whenever he was producing a new, young singer, he would give them a selection of Kent’s recording with the instruction, “listen to this and then we’ll talk”. However, in spite of his admiration, Stacey Kent remained merely a name on the sleeves of his treasured albums.

Similarly for Stacey Kent, a fan of Brazilian music since her youth, the name Roberto Menescal was just a name on an album sleeve. The idea that they knew of each other had never occurred to either of them.

Leaving the stage, after her performance with Marcos, the encounter that led to this recording took place. Menescal was to perform with the band, Bossa Cuca Nova and was preparing to go on stage. In the bustle of the crowded backstage area, neither Stacey nor Menescal had seen the running order of artist list. And so on leaving the stage Stacey spotted Roberto, guitar in hand. Already on cloud nine from her performance with Marcos, here was another idol! On the verge of stage struck, she could say nothing other than “Roberto!” Menescal, similarly surprised but recognising the singer from the covers of his cherished CDs replied, “Stacey!”