RGG – New album “Aura” out on 17th April
RGG – New album “Aura” out on 17th April

Since the year 2001 the RGG trio has been more and more often identified with the European taste of improvised music, performed by the piano trio. In 2013 after 12 years od RGG’s existence the pianist Przemysław Raminiak was replaced by Łukasz Ojdana, a young talented artist, who made the trio breathe deeper.

The name RGG is no longer a short of the musicians‘ surnames, but it became a mark, thanks to the equal engagement of the artists in the musical creation. We are sure, that the RGG’s audience will never be disappointed.

The seventh album in the trio’s discography is also a publishing debut on the international stage. Thus, the trio joined the exclusive team of Polish jazz artists, whose work has been recognized internationally.

“RGG provide their feelings to the listeners, in a a clean, pristine. They can be thrifty and for a moment later incredibly expressive, but each time returning to the soothing silence.” – jazzarium.pl

The music of RGG is dedicated to the recipient of the active intellect – that’s how the members of RGG themselves characterize their work. Indeed, you have to listen to the RGG’s music; only when you dedicate your full attention; the musical worlds open up, being created with sounds by this unusual piano trio. Unusual, because in thirteen years of their existence, they have managed to create their own unique style. This is not just the piano, accompanied by a rhythm section, but three equal musicians who create a musical story together.

The “Aura“ is in some sense a synthesis of the previous musical experience of the trio, as well as a step towards something new. This time the artists opened themselves to the inspiration, coming from very different musical worlds: the sacred music, classical, pop and jazz of course. However, everything is linked together, which is described by the title “Aura“ – a unique atmosphere, which is evoked in us.

Thomas Gustafsson: “To experience the music of RGG Trio gives me an obvious feeling, why Polish art of music has always been so much appreciated ever since the days of Frederic Chopin”.

Anders Jormin: “When listening to this wonderful music, it becomes clear to me, how RGG Trio approach their music with careful minds and with souls humbly filled with respect for the occasion. Their Consciousness of sound and space marks the fact, that this is a European ensemble well aware of all different parameters in music, worth attention and focus”.

RGG’s new album “Aura” will be out in May 2015.

RGG is:
Łukasz Ojdana – piano
Maciej Garbowski – double-bass
Krzysztof Gradziuk – drums

Łukasz Ojdana – a representative of the youngest generation of European musicians. The artist perceiving the culture of sound and artist’s personality as overarching elements of expressive musical character, in which the inspiration clearly dissociates the concept of imitation of the masters’ style. The inspiration of the young pianist in a wide spread issue of art touching the areas of literature, philosophy, theater and spirituality.

Maciej Garbowski – a representative of Polish compositional thought, with the clear influence of characteristic composing techniques of Lutoslawski and Penderecki language, that synthesize the musical erudition and basses virtuosity. Garbowski listening intently to the music of the twentieth century artists explores the issue of melody and harmony, weaving in her Slavic lyricism and an original character full of sensitivity and subtlety.

Krzysztof Gradziuk – an esthete of the drum sound, colorist and creator of melody, an uncompromising artist seeking new paths of development in accordance with their own sense of artistic taste. Abstractness of the percussive content in combination with the flexibility and virtuosity enhances the impression of unconventional playing, describing the artist as one of the most original musicians of contemporary European music scene.