Help us find family members of our founder Otto Heinemann
Help us find family members of our founder Otto Heinemann

Dear friends of OKeh Records!
We would like to ask you to help us in finding family members of our founder Otto Heinemann. We have been approached by the Heinemann family and a historian who is seeking out all the family members of the Heinemann family. She has searched for descendants of the 16 siblings of Otto who were not killed during WWII in Germany. They are all over the world in England, France, Venezuela, Germany, etc.

What we know about Otto Heinemann is that he was born in 1876 in Lueneburg, he went to Berlin around 1900. He was married to Recha Zuntz from Frankfurt/Main, the sister of his first business partner in Berlin, Heinrich Zuntz (together with Max Straus, they had bought the Lindstroem recording company in 1904). Otto and Recha had no children. Thus, the search for descendants really means looking for nieces and nephews or other relatives.

Otto himself came to the US in 1914 and in 1918 started Okeh records there. In 1920, both he and his wife became naturalized in the US. He passed on Sept 13, 1965, his wife Recha died in New York in 1984, at the age of 104.

Please be so kind and send us a comment to this post if you are or are aware of any of Otto’s remaining family. We will then pass your information on to the historian in Germany to follow up.

Many Thanks

The photo of Otto Heinemann is used courtesy of Museum Lueneburg